Wiring systems have become a high interest item for the maintenance community. As the age of the aircraft continues to rise, wiring troubles are becoming an increasing
concern. When an aircraft ages, the wiring becomes more vulnerable to the effects of day to day maintenance and flight stress. The time maintenance personnel spend
trouble shooting and repairing faulty wiring is becoming a principal cause of unwanted down time. Current maintenance procedures do not adequately address wiring as a
system. Our team members are assigned to one of four perspective areas on the aircraft, i.e.nose section, tail section, and either of the two wings. Team members not
only inspect their assigned area but also they do a re-assessment of one of their team members areas. Verification and Validation assess for failures such as corrosion,
chaffing, fluid intrusion, improper bundling/securing, poor/improper routing procedures.
Corroded cannon plugs in horse collar
Chaffing on protruding stud
Insulated covering split
Corroded cannon plugs in engine bay
Frayed wires going to firewall shutoff valve
Exposed wires with no capped ends