Team members dismantled this C-130 for the Structural Integrity Program (SIP). Key production joints along with major structural members where statically
removed to maintain the integrity of the factory assembled joint. The effectiveness of any military force depends in part on the operational readiness of
weapon systems. One major item of an airplane system affecting its operational readiness is the condition of the structure. The complete structure, includes
the fuselage, wing, empennage, landing gear, control systems and surfaces, engine mounts, structural operating mechanisms, and other components.
Potential structural or material problems must be identified early in the life cycle to minimize their impact on the operational force,and a preventive
maintenance program must be determined to provide for the orderly scheduling of inspections and replacement or repair of life-limit elements of the airframe.
Stripped to basic fuselage, ready to be cut
Tail section removed at F.S. 737
Starting cut at F.S. 245
Nose section removed from rest of fuselage
Cutting section of chine plate