Headquartered in Perry, Georgia. Aircraft Maintenance Solutions is a Disable Veteran privately owned company that specializes in aircraft maintenance, logistics
and management services to both Government and industry. AMS is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the employees are our most valued asset,
more than 50% of our AMS's employees are veterans of a military service.

AMS epitomizes the philosophy that excellence is second to none. AMS offers clients significant savings in time and expense through proven, well-managed, and
reliable methods of contracting. We have a solid reputation with excellent client references. AMS capabilities have grown, and continue to grow, in consonance
with customer needs and emerging technologies. AMS has positioned itself at the leading edge of a variety of other technical services, which span the spectrum of:

•        C-130 Fuel Quantity System Modification
•        C-130 Fuel Quantity In-Tank Harness Design
•        C-130 Fuel Quantity Probe Modification
•        C-130 Fuel Quantity Flapwell Connector / Harness Modification
•        C-130 Wiring Integrity Program
•        Engineering Support
•        Aircraft Modification Management
•        Depot-Level Repairs
•        De-militarization of Aircraft
•        Fiber Optics
•        Integrated Logistic Support
•        Information Technology
•        Program Management Support
•        Reclaiming Aircraft components
•        Reliability and Maintainability

We are committed to establishing and maintaining a process-based integrated quality management system to guide activities throughout the organization and to
facilitate continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services.